Welcome to Debt Over It!

My name is Leila (pronounced Lay-la) and I am extremely passionate about reaching financial independence and helping others do the same.

My financial journey started in 2017. I had to start paying my $49,000 of student loans, I was working a low-income job, I was living off my credit cards, and I was stressed.

I reached my highest point of debt of $82,200 in June of 2018 which was made up of student loans, my car, money/rent owed to my sister, and credit card debt.

I had a 1.5-2 hour daily work commute so I would fill that time up with non-stop Dave Ramsey. Now I can’t say I agree with/follow all of Dave’s advice, but his show made me realize I could pay off my debt in 4 years or less.

That was when I started to take things more seriously and became obsessed with tracking my spending, budgeting, and learning more about finances.

Along the way I’ve experienced many setbacks and mistakes:

  • I spent too much money on clothes/unnecessary shopping
  • I realized why you should NEVER co-sign on a loan
  • I learned that leasing a car cost me a lot more in the long run
  • I overdraft my checking account
  • I did a balance transfer that stressed me out
  • and I’ve listened to the wrong financial advice

I’ve also learned SO much and have made some wise decisions:

  • I transferred my Roth IRA to Vanguard
  • I’ve done a ‘No Spend Year
  • I created multiple sinking funds
  • I started a personal finance YouTube channel
  • I’ve paid off all of my credit card debt and never have revolving debt
  • I’ve paid off my car (2.5 years early!)
  • I am completely debt free!
  • I max out my Roth IRA every year
  • and I continue to educate myself in finances

Now, I’m on a mission to empower and educate other people to improve their finances by budgeting, tracking their spending, getting out of debt, saving rather than spending, and believing they can become financially free and stable.

I am doing this by creating free videos and articles documenting my financial journey and sharing financial tips/education. And by working 1-on-1 with individuals who want to get out of debt and improve their financial life.

If you’re interested in working with me, please check out my coaching packages!