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Hello May!!

Did you notice the title of this post looks a bit different?? That’s because I’m DONE focusing on my debt, and I can now focus on my future!! Sooo exciting.

Last month I completed my student loan debt savings goal. This update and going forward, I will no longer have a ‘Debt’ section, but I will share how much I have in my student loan debt savings as well as any relevant updates.

At some point this year I expect to use that lump sum to pay down all my debt, but student loans are still in forbearance and at 0% interest.

General $ Updates

I got a promotion!!

I’ve been at my current company since March of 2022. During our quarterly performance evaluation I asked for a promotion, and I got it! This is huge and very exciting for me because this is my first job as a consultant AND in the Salesforce industry.

Making a career transition was definitely worth it.

I’m moving!

My boyfriend (of 6 years) bought a house and I’m moving in! My lease ends this month and we both feel comfortable moving into this next chapter in our relationship.

It’s going to save me money too which is awesome!

My name is NOT on the house. I will be paying him 40% of the mortgage and 50% of all the other bills.


Some main things to point out about my spending in April:

Roth IRA: Look at her goooo! 🙌🏻

Health/Beauty: This category was very high because I got my MiraDry sweat treatment!! This cost $1,950, but I had almost $1,300 in my beauty sinking fund for this.

Uber: I traveled to Colombia end of March/beginning of April, I paid for our Uber back home since I barely paid for anything else on this trip! It was a Tesla Model Y too which was a nice surprise!

Gifts: I was supposed to buy a gift in March for my mom, but that pushed into April. I also paid for half of an early gift for my dad. I did not pull any money from my Gifts sinking fund. I’m not sure why, I just decided to cash flow it.


Full-time job (analyst/consultant) – GROSS: $5,250


Teachable: $8.57
Etsy: $196.46
Buy Me a Coffee/Venmo: $268.51
Mediavine (display ads on LivinglikeLeila): $398.03
Coaching: $565.00
Affiliates/Sponsors: $855.24
Google AdSense (ad revenue from YouTube): $1,266.07

Online/Business Income Total: $3,557.88


Bank of America Cashback: $25.98
Chase Checking referral: $50.00
Medical bill refund: $114.74
Discover referrals: $400.00
Federal Tax Refund: $935.00

Extra Income Total: $1,525.72

*Total Gross Income: $10,333.60

*I decided to start putting my gross income from all sources. This number does not reflect my taxes or 401k contributions.

Net Worth

As of April 30th, my net worth is $44,441.84. Up about 9.5% compared to last month!!

*Total Assets = $80,441.84
Total Liabilities = $36,000
Net Worth = $44,441.84

*Does not include the value of my car (personal preference).

Roth IRA (VTSAX): $16,979.28 (up 16.9% compared to last month)
401k: $9,219.31 (up 8.6% compared to last month)
M1 Invest (VTI): $6,082.12 (up 1.5% compared to last month)
Coinbase: $409.31 (up 2.5% compared to last month)

Sinking Funds:

  • Emergency Fund = $6,085.20
  • Gifts = $402.67
  • Beauty = $77.83
  • Car/Car maintenance = $2,165.63
  • Travel = $4.16
  • Car insurance = $201.18
  • Sabbatical = $14.46
  • Furniture/Home = $0.41
  • House Down Payment = $0.74
  • Student Loan Savings = $35,918.78

Sinking Funds Total = $44,871.06

Credit Score

My VantageScore is at 802 which is up one point from last month!

April Goals Update

  • Get my Emergency Fund back to $6K CHECK
  • $500 to my Roth IRA CHECK
  • Get rid of 50 things CHECK

May Money Goals

  • Reach $4K contributed to my 2023 Roth IRA
  • Get rid of 50 things