Work with me 1:1

Work with me 1:1

Let’s get your finances in order.

Debt can be a huge burden, and it’s not always easy to know how to get out of it. But the good news is that with the right guidance and accountability, you can make real progress towards becoming debt-free.

As your financial coach, I’m here to help you do just that.

We’ll start by looking at your current financial situation and identifying where you can make changes. From there, we’ll work together to create a custom financial plan that takes into account your unique goals and lifestyle.

Whether you need to earn more, spend less, or both, I’ll be there to offer guidance and support every step of the way. We’ll also focus on building up your savings, improving your credit score, and becoming more financially educated so that you can create a healthy financial future for yourself.

With my help, you can say goodbye to debt and hello to financial freedom. Let’s get started on this journey together.

About My Services


I strongly believe that personal finance is personal and that there is no one-size fits all approach.

My personalized and custom financial coaching service offers tailored strategies to meet your unique financial goals.

Guidance & Accountability

I offer insightful guidance to helped you make informed decisions.

I am also here to provide you ongoing encouragement and accountability to boost your financial success.


  • As a DINK couple (Dual Income, No Kids), we had DOZENS of financial goals but lacked the focus and skills to prioritize them. Our finances felt overwhelming. We signed up for a power session with Leila, where she showed us how to systematically pursue all our goals! She showered us with tools and insights, streamlined our finances, and broke down our budget line by line!

    Leila is a brilliant coach – dedicated, creative and kind. She didn’t judge our spending habits and even added spending into our budget that mattered the most to us (like food and travel). Today, after working with Leila (and watching her YouTube videos), we are still on track to max out our retirement accounts, pay off a 5-figure student loan, save for a European trip, and grow our house down payment. Most importantly, our budget gives us the freedom to enjoy our life. Dan can still buy his daily guilt-free sodas. And Connie, with Leila’s encouragement, is working on a novel (and getting up the nerve to start a YouTube channel!). We only had two sessions with Leila, but they won’t be our last!

    Connie & Dan, North Carolina

  • Working with Leila has been an absolutely fantastic experience. With unfaltering positivity, she has carefully helped me plan my debt payoff journey with an eye toward my retirement which I have neglected for many years. She is obviously passionate about helping others improve their finances, and is able to do so in an incredibly encouraging and non-judgemental way. Leila’s ability to create a safe and productive space to communicate, make mistakes, and re-route has proven to be just the thing I needed to stick with this process of learning how to manage my finances. I just can’t recommend her enough!

    Michael, New York

  • Embarking on this financial journey with Leila has been an absolutely incredible experience! She has completely transformed our financial life. As someone originally from Colombia(Jessica), figuring out how money and finance work in a new country was a significant challenge.

    Before we started working with Leila, we were in the DARK about our finances: limited savings, unclear spending, and a general lack of financial direction. In just six months of working with Leila, our perspective on money has shifted dramatically. Leila helped us create a structured budget that aligns with our goals and lifestyle. Now, we have a clear understanding of where our money is going every week, and most importantly, we’ve successfully established a savings plan.

    Leila’s knowledge, eye for details, and personal touch really made a big difference for us. She patiently guided us through the process, answering all our questions and sharing some really helpful tips. The positive impact on our financial well-being is undeniable. We can’t thank Leila enough for the positive changes she has brought into our lives. If you’re looking to take control of your finances and build a secure future, working with Leila is the way to go. Her dedication and expertise have truly made a lasting impact on our financial journey.

    Jessica & Sam, California

  • Leila was an exceptional coach. She is very devoted to personal finance and just living a better debt free life. Before I started my journey or even thought about it I watched her videos just out of curiosity and I quickly found myself paying more attention to my debt and trying to get rid of my consumer debt and student loans.
    During the 3 short months working with her I was able to pay off $3,457 of my car loan and my credit score went up 18 points.  I didn’t realize how much money I had left over on a month to month basis after bills until she had me track everything on a spreadsheet. A habit I will definitely keep doing. I am very grateful for her time and effort.

    Jasmine, New York

  • I had the pleasure to work with Leila for the past 3 months and it made me realize how unorganized I was about my expenses.
    I thought I was already on track towards my debt free journey but Leila helped me make real progress. What I liked the most about the experience is that she made me do things that were out of my comfort zone but helped me so much at the end. I finally felt like I was in control and felt accomplished with every little bit of progress.

    Her tracking and organization method helped me a whole lot! Leila never made me feel bad about my financial situation. She helped me focus on the present instead of mourning my past financial mistakes. She not only understood my position but helped me get ahead of the game. If you were to ask me if I would recommend Leila as a financial coach my answer would be: 100% YES!

    Angie, Georgia

  • Working with Leila for the last seven months has completely changed the way I view money and spending. Prior to working with Leila, I was incurring more debt month after month. I used to dread checking my bank account because I knew it never looked good, but now I truly enjoy checking my bank account. It’s exciting to see my debt decreasing month after month and at the same time to see my savings increasing.

    Since I started working with Leila, I have paid off thousands of dollars of debt, tripled my emergency fund, reduced my annual spending by thousands of dollars, and I have learned to prepare for the unexpected while prioritizing my financial goals. Through this time, I have not touched my credit card once, but I never felt restricted. Before working with Leila, I was shopping all the time and spending money on a whim. Leila’s supportive and straight forward approach got me to focus on my true goals, making it easy to reduce my spending and work towards the things I genuinely want, like traveling and saving for my future business.

    For the first time in my life, I felt like I was in control of my money. But it went beyond just money, as soon as I started to get my finances in order, things started to fall into place in other areas of my life. I am experiencing so much less stress now and I know that I have the tools and habits needed to create a successful financial future for myself. Leila has had my back though this whole process and was always there to cheer me on. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work with her!

    Lynn, California

More Info + FAQ

Are there any requirements?


  • Must live in the USA and use USD (some situation exceptions).
  • Your main goals = getting out of debt, saving, budgeting, etc.
  • You must have an income coming in.
  • You must be didcated, open, and punctual.
  • You must be available for video calls M-Th (10am-8pm)
Are our sessions and my finances confidential?

If you select a private coaching session, absolutely!

I will not share any of your personal information or numbers.

Why should I listen to you?

I have a huge passion for finances and helping individuals get closer to financial freedom.

I have made many financial mistakes in my life, but I educated myself and learned from them. I have paid down over $82K in debt, optimized my money, I regularly save and invest, I transitioned careers, built a business, and have worked with dozens of people with all different backgrounds.

I am confident in my knowledge and abilities.

Can you tell me where to invest my money?

No, I am not a financial advisor, expert, or professional. Therefore, I legally cannot give you investing advice.

However, I am happy to talk about investing, share my opinions, and share with you how I invest my money.

Who can benefit from financial coaching?

Anyone who wants to improve their financial situation, whether they’re struggling with debt, want to save for a major purchase, plan for retirement, learn how to budget, or simply want to gain better control over their finances.

What outcomes can I expect?

Specific outcomes of financial coaching will vary for each individual, but common results include improved financial literacy, better money management skills, reduced debt, increased savings, and greater confidence in making financial decisions.