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In my April update I mentioned that things didn’t go as planned.

Well to be quite honest, neither did May. I ended up in the emergency room and had a second surgery, unfortunately.

This will end up costing me more, but I haven’t had to pay for any of that. I’m also now VERY sure I overpaid for my first surgery. Over $700 overpaid. I literally just checked my claims while writing this and everything has processed.

Just like last month, May was still a pretty great month financially considering all things!

Let’s get into it:


I started the month of May with my official debt at $36,000 and ended with $36,000. However, I technically started at $33,406.40 if you consider the money I have saved to pay those loans down

In April I saved an additional $1,013.51 for my student loans (bringing my total saved to $3,622.83) so my final debt for May would be $32,377.17.

I still have paid $0 in interest 😊


Some main things to point out about my spending in May:

Groceries: I was over budget by $75 and as the month passed I knew I was going over budget. I kept going to the grocery store for various reasons.

Food Out: I only went out the eat 1x, but paid for all 3 of us. So I did go over budget.

Gas(car): Gas prices have gone up quite a bit. Even though I only got gas once I still didn’t budget enough!

Health/Beauty: This total includes some prescriptions, 2 co-pays, vitamins/supplements, and lots of epsom salt!

Personal: I was bad and went over budget on personal items. I guess I was just trying to distract myself from my health issues by purchasing a lot of plants lol. I bought plants, some pots for my plants, a watering can, stools (for my plants), 2 books, a curtain rod, and curtains.

Shipping: I returned a few workout supplements and had to pay shipping. It’s OK though because at least I got a refund for things I won’t be using.

Course: I purchased a course/practice exams to go along with the program I joined a couple of months ago. I do consider this an investment.


Full-time job (microbiologist): $4,937
Google AdSense (ad revenue from YouTube): $354.08
Mediavine (display ads on LivinglikeLeila): $190.95
Financial Coaching: $200
Buy Me a Coffee: $144.93
Affiliates: $10.00
Teachable: $4.31

BeFrugal: $3.14
BOA Cash Rewards: $13.19
Rakuten: $13.52
Chase Cashback: $17.20
Mercari: $19.10
IBotta: $43.59
Discover Cashback: $63.98 ($50 is referral)

Business Income: $904.27
Extra Income: $173.72
Pre-tax total = $6,014.99

Net Worth

As of May 31st, 2021 my net worth is -$11,184.31.

The highest I’ve ever reached!!

Roth IRA: $6,661.57
M1 Invest: $1,548.21

Sinking Funds:

  • Taxes = $2,255.14
  • Emergency Savings = $4,782.43
  • Gifts = $368.01
  • Medical/Dental = $50.98
  • Car maintenance = $536.62
  • Travel = $421.83
  • Car Insurance = $240.20
  • FinCon = $526.12
  • Phone = $171.20
  • MacBook = $100.25

Credit Score

My VantageScore increased by 1 point to 760!

May Goals Update

  • Put at least $1,000 to student loan savings CHECK
  • Make over $1,000 online NO, BUT CLOSE ($904)

Money Goals for June

  • Put at least $1,400 to student loan savings
  • Make over $1,000 online