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The final month of 2023!!!

I just took a peak at my monthly update from one year ago and wow, what a difference a year can make. I’m excited to put all my numbers together for the whole year!

General $ Updates

I closed my Wells Fargo checking account and credit card

I’ve opened many, many accounts throughout the last couple of years to get bonuses. A few of those accounts have fees associated with them unless you hold a certain balance or have direct deposit coming to them.

Since I’m planning a Sabbatical, I need to start eliminating a couple of my checking accounts…Wells Fargo was first! I didn’t need to close the credit card, but I never use it and didn’t want to have to worry about it.

It was super easy to close both with a 5 minute phone call.

I received my $200 bonus from Ally Checking

I opened this account in October and had to direct deposit a total of $1,500 in 90 days to receive $200. This one doesn’t have any fees so I don’t have to worry about that! The $200 went to savings.

I broke my low spend rules

Welp, Black Friday got me. You’ll see in my spending that I went well over budget in ‘Personal.’ These were all things I was going to buy anyway in 2024 after my low spend year, but they were half the price for Black Friday.

So I figured, why would I wait to buy them at full price?

I launched my course and group coaching

Both were a bit of a fail (especially group coaching), but it’s all OK. I’m glad I got my course complete and I’m just moving forward!


Some main things to point out about my spending in November:

Household: My boyfriend and I bought a Christmas tree! I also bought laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, etc.

Car Insurance: Progressive didn’t tell me what I had to pay until after I made this budget. Luckily I’m still in the $600s but I’m now setting aside $115/month since I know this will continue to go up.

Personal: Gym clothes, Skims, books lol. All on sale though and things I was going to buy anyway!


Full-time job (consultant) – GROSS: $5,880


Buy Me a Coffee/Venmo: $22.35
Thinkific: $189.92
Etsy: $289.56
Coaching: $327.08
Mediavine (display ads on LivinglikeLeila): $522.06
Affiliates/Sponsors: $683.42
Google AdSense (ad revenue from YouTube): $1,168.56

Online/Business Income Total: $3,202.95


CITI Cashback: $15.39
Chase Cashback: $61.54
Lovesac Price adjustment: $103.23
Rakuten: $124.82
Ally Bonus: $200.00

Extra Income Total: $504.98

*Total Gross Income: $9,587.93

*I decided to start putting my gross income from all sources. This number does not reflect my taxes or 401k contributions.

Net Worth

As of November 30th, my net worth is $79,524.34. Up about 11% compared to last month!!

*Does not include the value of my car (personal preference).

Roth IRA (VTSAX): $23,330.98 (up 9% compared to last month)
401k: $17,118.05 (up 17% compared to last month)
M1 Invest (VTI): $6,718.20 (up 9.4% compared to last month)
Vanguard Brokerage (VGT): $1,137.67 (up 24.3% compared to last month)
Coinbase: $525.22 (up 10.5% compared to last month)

Sinking Funds:

  • Emergency Fund = $12,233.88
  • Gifts = $535.56
  • Beauty = $226.80
  • Car/Car maintenance = $2,839.73
  • Travel = $4.28
  • Car insurance = $2.44
  • Sabbatical = $1,150.77
  • Furniture/Home = $3,863.39
  • House Down Payment = $102.75
  • DOI Scholarship = $1,008.57

Sinking Funds Total = $28,995.00

Credit Score

My VantageScore is at 806.

November Goals Update

  • Finish 2024 Roth IRA Savings ✅
  • Put at least $500 to Sabbatical sinking fund ✅

December Money Goals

  • Put at least $1,500 to Sabbatical sinking fund