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Happy October!! πŸŽƒ

For some reason I always get excited and motivated around this time of year. I think it’s because the year is wrapping up and I start planning my next goals. There’s always a lot of creative energy around this time too!

General $ Updates

The first month of my adult life being debt free

I just felt like including this!! πŸ˜… I’m a bit disappointed to say that I didn’t feel any different at all! I hardly even thought about it. That doesn’t mean I’m not super ecstatic about being 100% debt free though!!


Some main things to point out about my spending in September:

Furniture Fund: Since I barely saved anything here in August I had to make up for it in September! This was really all from my final paycheck in August though.

Travel: This was my half of our car rental during our travels in Costa Rica.

Fun/Entertainment (Gifts?): Only about $38 of this was for myself, the rest was for 4 other people. Last year my boyfriend and I went to a Halloween themed candlelight concert (small Orchestra) and it was AMAZING. This year we’re going to a Christmas one but we decided to invite some family members. I figured I would just cover the cost of everyone’s tickets and pulled money from my gift sinking fund!

Also, I was going to wait to purchase this in October, but then I noticed the tickets already started selling out so I got scared!


Full-time job (consultant) – GROSS: $5,880


Teachable: $37.23
Buy Me a Coffee/Venmo: $113.29
Etsy: $144.09
Mediavine (display ads on LivinglikeLeila): $228.51
Coaching: $366.20
Affiliates/Sponsors: $1,201.37
Google AdSense (ad revenue from YouTube): $1,310.34

Online/Business Income Total: $3,401.03


CITI Cashback: $14.69
Discover Cashback: $14.85
Upside: $26.36

Extra Income Total: $55.90

*Total Gross Income: $9,336.93

*I decided to start putting my gross income from all sources. This number does not reflect my taxes or 401k contributions.

Net Worth

As of September 30th, my net worth is $69,706.04. Up about 3.2% compared to last month.

*Total Assets = $69,706.04
Total Liabilities = $0
Net Worth = $69,706.04

*Does not include the value of my car (personal preference).

Roth IRA (VTSAX): $22,056.57 (down 4.5% compared to last month)
401k: $14,060.75 (up 1.5% compared to last month)
M1 Invest (VTI): $6,308.41 (down 4.8% compared to last month)
Vanguard Brokerage (VGT): $827.74 (up 7.2% compared to last month)
Coinbase: $372.85 (up 4.2% compared to last month)

Sinking Funds:

  • Emergency Fund = $12,127.27
  • Gifts = $513.97
  • Beauty = $75.47
  • Car/Car maintenance = $2,615.76
  • Travel = $4.25
  • Car insurance = $405.07
  • Sabbatical = $14.75
  • Furniture/Home = $6,025.06
  • House Down Payment = $101.85
  • DOI Scholarship = $551.07

Sinking Funds Total = $24,436.56

Credit Score

My VantageScore is at 804 which is a few points higher than last month. Note: Despite paying off my student loans in August, these still haven’t dropped from my credit.

September Goals Update

  • Put at least $2.5K to savings βœ…
  • Make over $3K from business income βœ…
  • Stay in budget! βœ… (where it matters!)

October Money Goals

  • Put at least $2K to Roth IRA savings
  • Finish DOI Scholarship/Grant Sinking Fund (this is for a giveaway!)