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As a DINK couple (Dual Income, No Kids), we had DOZENS of financial goals but lacked the focus and skills to prioritize them. Our finances felt overwhelming. We signed up for a power session with Leila, where she showed us how to systematically pursue all our goals! She showered us with tools and insights, streamlined our finances, and broke down our budget line by line!

Leila is a brilliant coach – dedicated, creative and kind. She didn’t judge our spending habits and even added spending into our budget that mattered the most to us (like food and travel). Today, after working with Leila (and watching her YouTube videos), we are still on track to max out our retirement accounts, pay off a 5-figure student loan, save for a European trip, and grow our house down payment. Most importantly, our budget gives us the freedom to enjoy our life. Dan can still buy his daily guilt-free sodas. And Connie, with Leila’s encouragement, is working on a novel (and getting up the nerve to start a YouTube channel!). We only had two sessions with Leila, but they won’t be our last!