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You may be 3 months or 3 years into your debt free journey, but wherever you are, staying motivated can be tough.

You’ll have bad days and even bad months. You’ll want to give up. You’ll get tired of throwing piles of money at things you can’t see. I know the end feels far away.

But we MUST stay focused and get through this debt free journey! It will be worth it.

Debt Trackers

I love debt trackers and I have multiple. I have more than one because then I get to color in/log my progress multiple times AND be surrounded by them!

It’s quite satisfying to color in your charts and I love to have a visual of my progress.

Visualize Your Future

When I think about paying off the last of my debt, I get emotional. I literally can visualize in my mind the exact moment, how I’ll feel, my reaction, etc.

It’s important to get clear on your why.

What do you want your financial future to look like?
What will it feel/look like to be debt free?

Then when you are faced with decisions to spend money vs. pay off debt, you’ll know the answer.

Create a Platform/Join a Community

Creating my finance YouTube channel is one of my best decisions.

I remember I really contemplated that option and I wasn’t sure I would actually do it, but it has been well worth it.

The debt free and finance community in general is SO supportive and motivating.

Posting my debt free journey on YouTube keeps me motivated because I want to be an example for others. Plus, there are dozens of people encouraging me along the way.

You could start your own YouTube channel or even an Instagram or Twitter account to document your journey anonymously.

Otherwise, I highly recommend following hashtags such as #DebtFreeCommunity #DebtFreeJourney #Budget and so on.

Transfer Tuesday

Transfer Tuesday was created by Mary from Pennies Not Perfection and it has made a HUGE change in my mental state/money mindset when it comes to paying off my debt.

I didn’t start Transfer Tuesdays until November, because I didn’t understand/realize that you could just break up your usual debt payments into smaller, weekly payments!

In the past, my progress felt so slow. I was making 1 or 2 large debt payments a month, so it felt like ages before I could make the next payment.

Now, I make payments every single week (or more) and I feel like I’m constantly making progress.

Ever since I started, I haven’t felt negative about my debt journey at all. I highly, highly suggest you try it, even if you can only do $5 a week!

Listen to/Watch Other People

I always found The Debt Free Screams on Dave Ramsey’s show super motivating because I was able to hear what people did and sacrificed to get where they are.

Now, there are thousands of people who share their own debt free journey and I watch them all the time.

Just knowing that there are people going through what you are going through is encouraging.

Celebrate Small Wins

Depending on your total debt, you’ll have multiple milestones along your journey.

It can be helpful to determine those milestones and celebrate each one.

This doesn’t mean you should necessarily reward yourself by spending money, but rather recognize and give yourself credit for your achievements.

To reward yourself you could cook a nice dinner, have a relaxing evening, grab a coffee, or something else that makes you feel good.

A debt free journey is not easy, but staying focused will help you to get through it faster.

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