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We all have different priorities when it comes to what we are willing to pay for.

I used to be quite a spender, but as I’ve matured and gone through this debt free journey, there are quite a few things I don’t buy or spend my money on.

Getting my hair done

I cut my own hair and I don’t dye it. The last time I had my hair done was 2015 and a friend of mine in cosmetology school did it from my home. Whenever I have gone to a salon in the past, I never left happy. They wouldn’t listen to my instructions and it was a complete waste of money.

Luckily I like to have really long hair. I just let it go and cut it on my own when I feel like it.

Getting my nails done

In all 26+ years of my life I’ve only had my nails done maybe 5 to 6 times. Spending $30+ on my fingernails is just not worth it to me. Sure, fresh nails look great, but no one respects me any less because I have natural nails.

I maintain my nails by trimming/filing them and then I paint them on my own if I absolutely want to.

Getting my eyebrows done

I used to get my eyebrows threaded every month, but I realized it wasn’t really necessary. The last time I had them done was July 2017. Since then, I’ve just kept up with them and they look fine. People compliment me on my eyebrows all the time actually.

I may not be able to get every little baby hair but I simply don’t care.

Lashes/skin treatments

Lash extensions/lifts cost most people well over $100 every month or so. They look great on people but again, I do not care.

I have short, brown lashes, but I don’t feel a need to change that.

I also don’t get any special skin treatments that would require me to keep up with. Many times people get costly skin treatments that aren’t really necessary.

Hair care products

Aside from shampoo and conditioner, I don’t use any products in my hair. Nope, not even heat protectant.

Honestly, I believe hair products are overrated. Most of them are unnecessary and don’t do my hair any good.

Excessive makeup

In college I used to wear LOADS of makeup. I wasted so much money and time on it. All I use now is some brow powder, mascara (sometimes) and a tiny bit of under eye concealer. I use my makeup until there’s no more left to use. 

My skin isn’t perfect and sometimes my under eye bags need some high quality concealer, but that’s not important to me. I still show up presentable and embrace any flaws I do have.


I don’t buy bags, wallets, sunglasses, phone cases, jewelry, etc. Those things don’t even excite me. Sometimes I am gifted a new purse/bag so I just use what I have. No one cares if my bag is designer or not.

Lunch/Dinner out

It’s pretty rare for me to get food out. I meal prep every Sunday, enough for 5-6 days of lunch and dinner. If I do go out on the weekend with my boyfriend, we usually go somewhere more affordable like Chipotle, or get something small like a few donuts. Then we usually switch off on who pays.

We prefer to cook yummy meals from home though.


As I mentioned above I don’t really eat much food out, but if I do I NEVER order delivery. There are tons of delivery apps now, but I’d much rather pick the food up than pay someone to drive it to me plus give a tip.


I don’t buy any drinks at the grocery store and if I go out to eat I always order water. I buy nut milks from time to time for certain things, but never juices, soda, etc. I don’t really care for flavored and/or bubbly drinks, nor do I care to drink my calories.

Coffee (to-go)

I make my own coffee. To be honest I have a pretty cool apartment complex with a full-on barista where I can get coffee for free, but I still prefer my own. I get coffee a handful of times in the year. I usually like to get a couple of seasonal coffees from Starbucks in the Fall, otherwise I take advantage of any free deals if anything.


I don’t drink so this is easy. I don’t drink for various reasons and I’m so glad I don’t. It’s healthier AND saves me a ton of money.

Water bottles

I have a 40 oz HydroFlask that I carry just about everywhere. I fill it up from my fridge or water fountains if I’m out. If I’m absolutely dying for some water and I don’t have my bottle with me I will buy one, but this is very rare.

Lottery tickets

Did you know the average American spends about $1,000 on the lottery each year?!? That’s insane. I don’t even spend $1 on tickets. I’m not interested in gambling my money.


I don’t pay for any phone apps or in-app purchases. I’m not sure if people still do that but I believe many do!

Bank/card fees

I don’t have any credit cards with fees, I don’t overdraft my checking account, and I don’t make late payments. It’s pretty simple to afford any of those fees if you just stay on top of everything.

Streaming/multiple subscriptions

I do pay for Spotify and I get Hulu and Disney+ with my Verizon plan. However, I don’t have Netflix, Amazon Prime, other music platforms, etc.

My boyfriend has Netflix so I can watch through him, but if he didn’t have it I just wouldn’t watch.

Subscription boxes/magazines

Subscription boxes started to become a thing recently, but I think they just create a lot of clutter. Some seem cool but that just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I also don’t subscribe to any magazines. Is that still a thing?? I mean magazines are still around so they must be.

Pre-cut food

Pre-cut food can make things easier, but I’d much rather save money and cut my own food. Besides, pre-cut food always uses lots of plastic/packaging. The only time I’ll buy pre-cut veggies or fruits is when I’m headed to the beach or traveling.


I don’t even own a TV. If I had a TV I wouldn’t watch it very often. It’s just a waste of time to me and cable is just a waste of money in my opinion.

Of course, no judgement if you prefer to spend money on anything in this list! These are just things that don’t bring value to my life.

What things do you not spend money on??