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I love goal setting and I love money. So as you can imagine, I love combining the two.

I’ve got some big, exciting goals for 2022 and I’m feeling quite excited about them!

#1 – Become debt free

When I started my debt free journey in 2018, my goal was to be debt free by April 2022. We are only a few months away from that and unfortunately I don’t think that will be happening.

That is completely OK though. I’ve made a lot of progress over the years and I’m just going to keep working toward becoming debt free.

In 2022, I DEFINITELY want to be debt free by the end of the year. I’ll need to average about $2,000 to debt every month. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but it’s doable!

#2 – Reach $9,000 in my emergency fund

I started the year with about $3,000 in my emergency fund. I’ve set up my high-yield savings account to automatically pull out $600 each month to put toward my emergency savings.

If you do the math, I really only need to save $500 each month to reach $9K, but I wanted to do a bit extra each month in case I need to use my EF at all. Hopefully I won’t need to!

#3 – Max out my Roth IRA

I’ve never maxed out my Roth IRA! For now, I’m planning to contribute $300 each month in 2022, then once I’m debt free I’ll contribute enough to reach $6K.

I have until April 2023 to reach that which offers a lot of wiggle room.

My Roth IRA is all invested in VTSAX.

#4 – Make over $25,000 in online/extra income

In 2021 I made over $15,000 online and over $6,000 in extra income. Assuming my income does even better going forward, I should be able to reach this goal.

Overall, I need to make about $90,000 in the year in order to reach all of my financial goals AND pay for everything else. Ideally, I would make about $30K in online/extra income.

#5 – 12 new financial coaching clients

I love being a financial coach. It gets me super excited to help people get organized with their money and start making progress on their financial goals.

In 2021 I worked with 10 paying clients. I still work with a few of those 10.

In 2022 I would like to add at least 12 more people to this list so I can grow my business and help more people!

If you’re interested, check out my packages here.

#6 – Land a new job

This one is scary!

In March of 2021 I started learning about Salesforce and joined a program to shift careers. I got certified in Salesforce Administration, I invest a lot of money and even more time to learning this platform.

I interviewed with a handful of companies (and obviously didn’t land those roles) and applied to many more.

I was then diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and I decided to give up on such a dramatic career change.

BUT, I don’t want to give up.

I REALLY want to shift into a career in Salesforce and there is even a specific company I am aiming to work for. I know that I can do this.

As I said, I would like to work for a specific company, but overall I want my new role to be remote, I would like to make over $85,000, have a 401(K) with a match, all medical coverage (including dental and vision), more than 2 weeks of PTO plus holidays, flexible hours, autonomy, and to use Mac computers (not Microsoft lol).

I’m eager to make this change and take on this challenge.

#7 – Reach over $25,000 in investments

I am starting 2022 with over $14,000 invested. I’ll contribute at least $3,600 throughout the year, but between my M1 Finance referrals and compounding growth I’m pretty sure I can reach this number, if not more.

Just to mention, all of my Roth IRA is invested in VTSAX and my M1 brokerage account is all invested in VTI.

If I land a new job I should have a 401(K) soon too 😉

#8 – Open 2 new credit cards

The only card I opened in 2021 was the Discover It card.

I’ve primarily been using my Discover and Chase Flex card because they both offered such amazing cash back rewards. The Discover card offers the most benefit during the first year of having it, so once I reach that one year mark (March) I will apply for another one.

Of course I’ll be looking for one that offers at least $300 in a sign-up bonus and good rewards!

I have a good feeling about 2022. I’m grateful and proud of where my finances stand now, and I’m excited for the future.

What are you financial goals for this year??