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I love setting goals and I love money!

Money/Finances has become a huge passion of mine and honestly a bit of an obsession.

I do set personal goals, but my money goals are top priority for me.

These are my few money goals for 2021:

Pay off ALL my debt

This one is a bit of a stretch, but I just want to put it out there.

I have a little over $40,000 left of debt so I would need to put over $3,000 to my debt each month.

When I started my debt free journey in June 2018 my initial goal was to be debt free by April 2022, but what if I could finish 4 months earlier?!

It’s not completely impossible, but may not be realistic. I still want to put this out to the universe though!

Reach a positive net worth

Outside of that first, big goal I would like to reach a positive net worth.

As of December 31st, my net worth was -$23,000 which isn’t so bad.

This means I need to continue to pay off debt, invest, and save.

  • I can probably pay off at least another $20K of my debt.
  • I will be investing at least $1,400 into my Roth IRA and hopefully that performs well.
  • And I will continue to save money in my emergency fund.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to easily reach this, so ideally I want to be in the positives by a few thousand.

Save $6,000 in my emergency fund

As of right now my emergency fund is at about $4,000 and in my high-yield savings account.

Every month I put at least $150 into it and that should get me close to $6K. I’ll then have to add a little bit more.

Obviously, if an emergency comes up I will use some if necessary. That’s what it’s there for after all.

I prefer to have a larger emergency fund while paying off debt because after I pay off debt I want to save up a year of expenses. This gives me a head start.

Make $1,000+ each month from my online businesses

Or in other words, $12,000 or more for the year.

I’ve been blogging and creating videos online for YEARS and have never made over $1K in a month. 2021 is going to be the year.

My action plan:

  • Promote my content more on social media
  • Revamp old blog posts on (increase traffic to earn more ad revenue)
  • Publish 1 new blog post on both of my blogs
  • Continue to create content and be consistent on YouTube
  • Reach out to more companies to collaborate (sponsors)

Reach 10,000 subscribers on my personal finance YT channel

I know this is a superficial goal, but the more people I can reach the more people will improve their finances!!

It’s also just so cool to see the progress of my channel and I’m very proud of it.

Initially, I had set a goal of reaching 5,000 subs, but my channel has grown rapidly over the last month.

This will also lead to more ad revenue, more visitors to this blog, and hopefully more financial coaching clients!

I love the little financial community I have on YouTube!!

I only wanted to set a few goals because I don’t want to overwhelm myself!

I am going to continue to save in my sinking funds and invest, but it all comes together.

I’m very excited for 2021 and I hope you are too.

Please share your money goals for the year!!