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Debt. Financial struggles. Being broke. There’s not much to enjoy when you’re experiencing any (or all) of those 3 things.

Financial problems tend to cause a domino effect in our lives. Honestly, money is important and the amount you have definitely impacts your life. BUT you can train yourself to start seeing the good thing in all the negatives of your life.

I know the struggle. I know the stress, the worry, the doubt, and the loss of sleep that comes with money struggles. However, once you reach an all time low, some amazing things can happen. Over the last year I’ve started to realize some things about life, and I’ve started to search for the positives in my negatives.

So what can be good about being in a lot of debt?

1. You’ve hit rock bottom, now you can only go up

Or you’ve hit some form of “low,” that you probably never, ever want to reach again. Now I do know some people that have hit rock bottom multiple times, but let’s not let that happen.

When you’re down, you can only go up.

This may be one of the best things to happen to you actually. Have you read the stories of Oprah? Sylvester Stallone? Lisa Nichols?

Now everyone has a unique story, but when you reach rock bottom you probably never want to experience that again. So you come out better, stronger, more motivated, and now it’s time to make life amazing while you can.

2. You have exciting goals to reach

You should definitely always have goals, but now that you’ve come upon some financial hardships you have some new goals to go after.

To be debt free. To reach financial freedom. To find a new job. To become a millionaire by 30. To save for a down payment on a house.

Whatever your negative may be, now you have something to look forward to.

And when you conquer small things they feel HUGE. It’s actually exciting and motivating and makes you want to keep conquering more!

3. You’ll find motivation

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation that’s all or nothing. You may need $500 by this weekend, and you’re gonna find it. Why? Because you HAVE TO.

You’re gonna work harder, you’re gonna remove the excuses from your life, you’re gonna do what it takes to overcome this. You have no other option.

These experiences can be life changing.

4. You start enjoying the little things

If you’re struggling financially you probably can’t go on a fancy vacation, out with friends on the weekend, or fun date nights. Luckily, I’m a huge homebody, but I know many people struggle with not being able to go out and socialize. You’ll start to realize that you don’t need those things.

A cup of coffee made at home while watching a free movie on tv snuggled up with your significant other will bring you so much joy.

Reading a book sitting outside will be your new greatest pleasure.

You’ll find appreciation for the small situations (or belongings) that you took for granted before.

5. You realize that you don’t need much

I’ll admit, sometimes buying new things makes me happy. New workout clothes and home decor specifically. But honestly, now if I spend money on anything I feel guilty and stressed. I look in my closet and look at all the clothes I don’t wear anymore (or never have) and think how stupid it is that I spent money on them.

The latest fashion, the new phones, none of it matters anymore. When you have no option but to save your money you open your eyes to the reality of consumerism. We really don’t need much, most things are “wants” not “needs,” and we end up digging ourselves into a huge hole of debt by purchasing so much.

6. You educate yourself on finances

Since I have begun my debt free journey I have learned SO much about finances.

From investing to financial independence to taxes and so on.

I have intentionally set out to educate myself on all areas of finance and this is all because of my debt free journey.

For me, it started with Dave Ramsey. His show made me realize I can pay off ALL my debt within a few years.

Then I found podcasts and bloggers such as Budgets are Sexy, Choose FI, and Financial Samurai, where I learned I can become financially independent if I put my mind to it.

Other people who don’t struggle with debt or finances, don’t bother to learn more about it. I know that in the long run I will be better off because of my debt.

This is only the beginning and I have already gained so much knowledge!

While being in debt really sucks, there’s still a lot to be grateful for.

It’s a journey. A journey that you can find power in.

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